Steward Africa has a collection account domiciled with Fidelity Bank Plc. All funds go into this account which has a “NO DEBIT” status. Your funds are protected as it were in any CBN licensed bank account duly insured by NDIC. Steward Africa is a social club with elected executives directly in charge of the affairs and management of the club and no single individual has direct access to club funds. Also, members hold meetings and, meet up sessions regularly to discuss and agree on ways to move the club forward, socialize and share information on investment opportunities available One unique value proposition by Steward Africa is, that they developed a robust financial application to manage the affairs of the club so that members can save, communicate, invest, get discount offerings and borrow money at the least possible interest rate in the country at the moment. Members of Steward Africa can connect together remotely from any location 24/7. The application has taken care of collections, communication and connectivity while the offline meetings bring virtual members together to build trust and relationships All monthly contribution savings (Ajo) , membership dues and End of Year (EOY) savings collections are swept from participating accounts into the collection account with “NO DEBIT “status and applied as agreed by participating members of the club. Also, users have a second level comfort which is a unique value proposition as savings with family, friends and colleagues can be insured against job loss, disability or death (Credit Life Insurance) by Old Mutual Nigeria Limited which gives users a “Guaranteed Target Savings” in the event of any of these eventualities. For example, if a user sets out to save N1,000,000.00 through monthly contribution or End of Year (EOY)Savings over a period and such individual loses his/her job in the course of the savings. The insurance company will step in to complete the savings if it is after the moratorium period as stated in the terms of contract, the subscriber is assured of having that sum in the event of any unforeseen circumstance. In summary, Steward Africa has a mutual understanding with both Fidelity Bank Plc and Old Mutual Nigeria. This is to ensure the security of funds of our users and gain public trust.